The waiting game

39 weeks and two days. And counting :)

Mr W and I were getting a little antsy this last week so we started getting out of the house and going on little adventures, at least for part of the day. When I am at home all I think about is "When will this baby arrive?" We have both been working a little this week too though. We submitted a proposal for work in Sept for Mr W (which we didn't get, our bid was too high), and I am revising a journal article with a colleague in Arizona.

On Thursday morning I went for a walk with a friend and her two young ones, and we have promised to get together early this week to bake cookies. Mr W and I then went for Japanese food for lunch, yum!!! My favourite is the spicy agedashi tofu these days. He and I then drove around for a bit and just chilled out. Came home, had a nice dinner and puttered around the yard.

Friday afternoon we decided to go geocaching on one of the local islands. We caught the ferry after lunch, and I managed to haul my butt and baby belly up one of the mountains on the island for some spectacular views. I joke that I will have to run a marathon to make this baby come out because he is used to these types of hikes, and seems quite content in there! We had dinner on the island and then went to beach to take the dogs for a swim before catching a later ferry back home. Lovely day.

Yesterday was less adventurous, mostly organizing the new office and working around here. Today however, we are off to Victoria for a garden tour with my parents and grandmother. Mr W is leaving for a few days work tonight though. He is away tonight, but back tomorrow night. Then away for 2 more nights, but on high alert for baby!

If Wooly Baby is anything like his dad though, he isn't going to be early. Even his mom is either right on time or a little late, so I don't expect to see him before the end of the week. Stay tuned to see if I have good intuition or a baby who is going to be completely opposite his parents and arrive when least expected :)


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