Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there. This time next year our wee one will be on the outside world, but for now is enjoying his last few weeks of security inside me. Seven more weeks until my due date, 4 more weeks until he is considered full term, so I will have a window of a month or so in which he can arrive safely.

Financial preparations are well underway. If you look at the sidebar you will see we have just over $1,000 to pay off on one loan before the end of June. After this time we will have two less loan payments a month and will go on a reduced budget while I am on maternity leave.

Mr W is looking for more contract work. We had applied for a contract for him, and came in a close second to people with more qualifications. We have a buffer though, and it is typically slower April-June than other times of the year. I am trying not to panic, reminding myself that this is the way of the consulting world.

Baby preparations are coming along, although I am also feeling behind on this front. Our office is still an office, not a baby room. Dad is still busy making the cradle. We have painting and organizing to do. I have the tiny sleepers and onesies organized and need to pick up some disposable infant diapers for the first few weeks. We bought a used car seat for $50, and have carriers and strollers galore thanks to the in laws.

We are planning a home birth, and have prep to do for this as well. The midwife will do a home visit in two weeks and we must have supplies prepared for her visit- things like old sheets and towels. She comes to inspect, to see our house, and know what she will be stepping in to once labour is underway.

All so much excitement!


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