Carnival review

A few interesting posts from the Carnival of Personal Finance:

Financial Blogger reminds why now is a good time to think about paying back debts and debt consolidation while interest rates or low (as we all know debt consolidation has been the elusive golden ring for me!).

Saving to Invest asks who does the finances in your household? I know a lot of women, who, like me, are the financial managers in the home, but less commonly do you hear of 50-50 partnerships. It usually is one primarily one partner's responsibility, with varying amounts of input from the other partner. I wonder if anyone has a 50-50 sharing arrangement?

Similarly, Can I Get Rich On A Salary reviews the ratio of successful women to men personal finance bloggers, and finds that while women are out there and getting the rankings, we are not proportionally represented in the top writers. The good news is that more and more women are writing about finances, which is increasing at a faster rate than men.

Finally Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck asks whether graduate school gets you a pension. What's a pension? Hahahaha, don't see that one in my future. BUT Mr W, who is a welder, does have a pension. It seems here in BC most unions have pensions set up, but the rest us of us can only rely on the pension of our own makings; savings and investments.


  1. GBlogger (Can I Get Rich On A Salary) said...
    Thanks for the shout out!
    Andy said...
    Glad you found my post at s2i interesting and thanks for commenting.

    Good luck with the upcoming birth! Your life is about to change in a big way. I have a 2yr old and life has sure been different (in a good way overall) since he was born.


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