...Because there are lots of us out there who waited and the government's netfile tax site is seemingly bogged down... I can't get it to load... SNORE....

I may wait until early tomorrow morning and try again, this is ridiculous! I have until midnight tomorrow after all :)


  1. Angie said...
    Hey! When's the baby coming? :)

    As for the cell phone bill--if your contract is coming up to an end (and I'm rather confident you're with Rogers based on those figures) you should tell them you want to cancel and they will beg you to stay with loads of free stuff. One of my best friends did that and managed to get a few deals out of it. He was adamant not to sign a new contract so they agreed to charge him on a month-to-month basis until he decided on his own when he would renew it.

    As for the student loans stuff, hopefully I can post some information that will help you attack it!
    Angie said...
    Ahh! Just found this:


    Netfile extension until May 6.
    Wooly Woman said...
    Baby is due end of June! I am getting big and feeling lots and lots of kicks, he is very active :)

    We have another 1.5 years on Rogers phone contract :( At this point I wouldn't renew with them because their coverage is poor in northern BC where we work sometimes, so I am looking at Telus or Bell.

    Thanks for link about taxes!

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