This is a challenge to all you PF bloggers- can we make a difference to others this Valentine's Day?

To participate all you have to do is blog about how and/or why you find room in your budget either annually or yearly to give a little back to the global or local community in which you live. If you can afford a small donation to SOS Children's Village, all the better. Encourage your readers to do the same- blog about how they give back, and make a donation if they can.

Link back to the Share the Love Giving Pages or SOS Children's Village directly, and perhaps we can all make a difference by encouraging everyone in the PF blogosphere to give a little this Valentine's Day!

Remember, if you provide the direct link to your readers they can email (westcoastwoolies[at] me their donation amount so we can keep track for the month of February.

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  1. Amy says >> 10 simple and frugal ideas to spend Valentine's day said...
    I appreciate the bloggers for thinking about the hundreds of under priviledged children who are leading a below average life. Valentine's Day is all about Love and what better way to celebrate this day than being compassionate for others. We spend so much of money on our personal belongings. We do not even need half of the things that we buy. So if we can share with the ones who really need them, I think that will be the perfect Valentine's Day. It is just a small effort on our part to make the world a better place to live in, and the least we can do towards humanity.

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