I have had endless computer problems this morning with my new laptop. The result of which I am preparing to send it in for service under the warranty. Very frustrating when the computer is only 4 months old (I know, I should have bought a Mac). This is stressing me out because I have so much work to do and my backup computer is very slow and tempermental.

So I made a decaf coffee to sit down and try and relax a little and I got this very nice email from SOS Children's Villages:

Hello Wooly Woman,
I happened to see your post, thanks for promoting SOS. By the way, we are impressed with the yarnharlot as well.
Maybe next year you could try a canadahelps.org giving page, that way you can track the results easier. Just a though, works best if your audience is mainly Canadian. An example link is below, all self administered.
If you wish to link to the SOS Canada donation page you can use this link, the one you are using and this both work, not really an issue.
Congratulations on your expected Boy! May reduce your blog time, but probably not your debt.
Thanks for your help,

Which all reminded me that there are many bigger things in this world, this life in fact, than my computer problems. And reminded me I have not made my donation, nor made specific reader challenges, so here goes.

First, I direct you to the Giving Page I made through Dan's link above, go here. I will leave up the international link as well for those of you wishing to make a donation to SOS Children's Village based in your country.

I made the first donation of $60. This is equivalent to saving $2 each day this month, well rounded up anyway :) I will save this through eating out a little less, and watching my take out coffee consumption.

Nancy is working up to her first donation. She is cutting back her coffee consumption this week to save $25 which she will donate. She is also challenging herself personally to give more to people who ask her for money on the street.

MY GOAL: is to have have HALF my reader's donate a minimum of $10, thereby donating an additional $450 to SOS Children's Village. I ask that you create a similar challenge and pass this on to your readers.

To get the ball rolling though I am going to single a few of you out each week to take part in this challenge. Nancy is on her way, so I challenge Mr Cheap and Mike at Four Pillars (maybe they will each donate), Mrs. Micah, Canadian Saver, and Mariam.

For a reminder of what I suggest you do to promote the challenge (but any way is just fine!) the original post is here. The nice part about the Giving Page is that it tracks donations automatically so you and your readers don't need to email me.

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  1. mariam said...
    Will do :)

    And I consider myself kicked in the butt to get moving. :) I've mentioned on Nancy's blog that I'm planning to sponsor a child from another country so I'm going to find an organization that I'm comfortable with that will maximize my proceeds to the child and his/her family.

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