In the spirit of giving back something in this month of love, I am putting the call out there to all you PF bloggers- Let's Share the Love!

Many of you have discussed whether or not there is room in your budget for charitable giving every month. And I have been very impressed by the number of you who make sure you give on a monthly basis, regardless of your other financial goals.

We tend to give a lot at certain times of year, especially around Christmas. I am guilty of giving a lot in December, but forgetting to give other months of the year. Inspired by the success of knitter's via their blog network, I wondered if we PF bloggers from around the world could similarly come together and make a concerted effort this month of love and donate to one organization of choice.

What do you think? Can we do it? How much do you think we can raise in 29 days?

Where to find the money? By using all the money saving techniques we all know well- skipping a meal out, trimming from the entertainment budget, making a few extra dollars online etc. - I think we can all find a little extra money to donate. Any amount is fantastic!

I have chosen SOS Children's Villages as the donor organization. I have been interested in this organization in the past because of the work they do around the world, including here in Canada. Their mission is simple and straightforward:
'We build families for children in need.
We help them shape their own futures.
We share in the development of their communities.'
The concept behind SOS Children's Villages is that orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise disadvantaged children in need should be able to grow up in a loving family-like environment in their own community. They build homes for these children and provide all the love and care these confused and scared children desperately need.

1. Challenge yourself and your readers to donate online to SOS Children's Village- any amount they feel they can spare from their February budget- by blogging about this challenge and linking to this post. Grab the new button on my sidebar too!
2. You and your readers then email me how much was donated- no proof is necessary, I'll believe you all. Email: westcoastwoolies[at]
Alternatively, your readers can email you, and you can pass the info onto me.
3. I will keep track of how much has been donated to SOS Children's Village and we will have a final tally at the end of the month.
4. Pass on the challenge to your reader's reader's!

Are you feeling like a superstar? You can reach superstar status on this blog (with a gold star and a link in my new superstar sidebar column for Feb.) by doing one of the following:
1. Organize a group of people outside your blog to raise money for this challenge.
2. Offer to donate an item to someone who makes a certain level of contribution. For example, 5 PF books to someone who donates $100 for this challenge.
3. Offer to match a significant donation OR start a rivalry between blogs to raise the most $$.
(ok superstar status may be a bit at my whim, but I am not stingy giving out gold stars, it's the inner elementary school teacher in me ;0)

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  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    into day 4 of no coffees out! the remainder of today, plus 3 more days and I'll donate via your button.

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