They MAY, but they also MAY NOT. I have wanted a new template for awhile, primarily to reduce the clutter (or maybe to add more, I am not sure) in my sidebar. I am looking at a tabbed layout with three columns- main section and two sidebars. For example, I really like Krystal's tabs across the top. I also like Nancy's layout as well as Mrs Micah's. Angie has recommended this link for new templates, anyone else have any suggestions?

Anyway, so if things look a bit crazy around here it means I have actually started tinkering with the template and will try and get everything back to normal as soon as possible! Stay tuned for a new challenge for February, inspired by this post of Nancy's about money and worldviews. I am calling it Spread the Love and it is to challenge us all to find room in our budgets for giving to those who need it this month.

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  1. Mrs. Micah said...
    My suggestion: Don't use my layout. It's a pain in the butt to manage, I had to completely customize it even to get it to work. Two days of yelling at my computer and calling friends. I'm not bitter. ;)

    And it still doesn't completely work. Pretty, though. So if you find something similar (that works) I'd recommend it as a nice look. :)

    Plus it's not a blogger one...

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