So how much does a computer earn an hour? I mean they do so much work for us, shouldn’t we be paying them a fair wage?
I am being tongue in cheek, but this week a proposal came across my desk where the computer was actually listed as having an hourly rate…that exceeded current minimum wage in this province. That’s right, unnamed company who I do a lot of subcontracting for actually charges $10/hr for using their high tech computers. I was shocked, but perhaps this is standard when considerable processing is being done. But think about- more than minimum wage?
In this province minimum wage is $8/hr, so for an 8 hour day a person would gross $64. But a computer can run 24 hrs a day if you set up the right tasks, so has the potential to earn $240 a day for the company, or $1,680 a week (all 7 days). Wow, what am I doing not charging for my computer, I could have it paid off in a week!
I commented on the inclusion of a computer wage, pointing out that they couldn’t justify this at all since we were not doing any complicated or analysis. This didn’t change the budget at all (?) and I learned today we got the project.
Sheesh what’ll the computers want next- 2 weeks off every summer?

PS Thanks for all your encouragement with the new layout! Still tinkering…

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  1. Mrs. Micah said...
    I suppose that's how they finance having such big, fast computers and keeping them up-to-date and serviced. The fee would have to go somewhere. It's a strange thought, but fair I guess. That way people who used less time and such on the computer wouldn't get charged for more.

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