We are going on our Honeymoon!

Wooooohooooo! Mr W and I just booked our honeymoon in January. Yes we have been married for 2 years, and are FINALLY going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We never took a honeymoon after our wedding, we had done it without incurring more debt, and were broke.

Recently, much debate has been going on in the Wooly household. After all, we are very aware of our debt and impending parenthood. However, we also have been longing for a proper vacation, even more now with the baby on its way. Solution: spend some money, inherit some money, and (yes we are speaking to you Wooly Woman) try not to fret too much at night about it.

I will tell you how we are paying for this vacation- and no this isn't a tale about credit cards folks- but first I have to tell you about the turning point. My parents were here for lunch on the weekend and we told them how I can't collect EI while on maternity leave. We had previously mentioned we were considering going to Hawaii so they asked if we were still going. We were honest and said we didn't know and then my father, Mr. Conservative when it comes to saving and money said: "We have found that sometimes in life you just can't wait, you have to do it." I was stunned. My parents know how much debt we have, some of it to them. They even offered to skip one of their payments temporarily if it meant we could go. We thanked them, but money is not currently the problem, it just will be tighter in the future without me working.

One HUGE factor in this trip is that my grandmother is giving all 10 of her grandchildren some of our inheritance at Christmas. I know this will be $1000 from her, very generous! We have a budget of spending $3000 on this trip, and so far are on track. We will be staying in a condo and will eat in, saving money. The remaining $2000 is sitting in our bank account right now from an exceptionally good month in October (which has also built up our cushion again in the business thank goodness). We can afford this trip eh? And then work really hard again when we get back.

Interesting tidbit about the new babe on its way- its brain is now transmitting messages even though it is still tiny. Is that not amazing?


  1. FourPillars said...
    I think that you are doing the right thing. Obviously it would be better financially not to go but the fact is that once you have a kid - you won't be doing any "real" vacations for a long, long time.

    I always tell people at work who don't have kids yet to make sure they do some travelling while they can - particularly if they like active trips such as skiing etc.

    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    When I work with clients, I tell them the most important part of being smart with money is making informed decisions - much more so than always doing precisely 'the right thing'. In this case, you've looked with clear eyes at all the factors, and opted to give yourselves a honeymoon and holiday. And it sounds like you can handle the financial implications. Have a wonderful time, Wooly Woman, husband, and babe!
    SavingDiva said...
    I'm glad to hear you're going to take the trip. I think it's a great idea to have a trip before you have kids (and for the next 20 years, all of your vacations will be focused around what they want to see).
    Fecundity said...
    Congrats, Wooly! I hope you and Mr. W have a great time.

    And yes, it is amazing about your baby. I went for my first ultrasound at 12 weeks (which I think is right about where you are?), and not only was the little brain transmitting, but the little muscles were receiving, as evidenced by a full body wiggle on-screen. That being said, I wouldn't be expecting higher-level math for a while yet. ;)
    Louise said...
    I think it is a great idea to go on holidays now, once you have children life takes its own twists and turns, hope you have a lovely time!
    Mrs. Micah said...
    Oh that's so exciting!!! :) Especially getting one last chance before baby. There'll be chances later too...but still.

    And so happy about the baby too! One thing I love about my part-time job is getting to spend time with new babies every day. They're so tiny and yet they work. Even preemies.

    But yeah, no higher-level math yet. ;)
    mariam said...
    Money can't buy memories. Go :)
    Esme said...
    Funny, my sister and her hubby had their honeymoon a year after they were married too. They said it was a lot less stressful, then if they had the trip right after the wedding.

    Have a good trip!
    Mrs. Micah said...
    I'll agree with Esme on this. I mean, I would have wanted some time off just after we got married, but I could have handled just staying home...oh well. It wasn't bad. Just stressful sometimes.
    Wooly Woman said...
    Thanks for all the support everyone. I am really excited we are actually going finally. I think it is a good time of year to go too- right after all the activity over Christmas but before I get my head down at work again. Can't wait!

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