Christmas dinner with friends

On Sunday night we went to dinner with some good friends and had a very nice time! We treated ourselves to dinner at a restaurant we wouldn't normally go to- a little bit costly but very worth it. It is a small house located on the water overlooking a bay about a 10 minute drive from the town and is owned by one man who does all the cooking, both lunch and dinner. He greats you as you come in, and the kitchen is partially open to the restaurant so you can see part of what is going on. The food is mostly local, very fresh, and an interesting choice of meats and seafood. The prices for dinner were in the $17-18 mark, but he had some more expensive specials which were $26-29. We all opted to share calamari for an appetizer and have meals from the less expensive menu. Mr W and my friend's husband had some Guiness before we left and had only one glass of wine with dinner. Their poor pregnant wives had had a non-alcoholic beer before we left and tea with dinner. For dinner I had a very good vol au vent (chicken in puff pastry) and Mr W had butter chicken.

We had all agreed that the dinner was to replace any gifts and I think it really was the best idea. We felt very special going out and appreciated the time to sit and visit. Time to make this a new tradition!


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