Most of November's goals were related to meal planning, and overall I think the meal planning was a success. But here is how I did.

Put $50 each pay period into Savings, for a total of $100. Half of this will be for Christmas gifts. – I managed to put away $75, with half for Xmas

Stick to meal planning, and increase Christmas fund by $90 ($3 for every month of November I stick to the plan).- I ate out once and so saved $87.

Keep track of grocery spending each week on this blog so we don't blow the budget.- I don't know, I lost track somehow, I suspect we are bit over. Might have something to do with those cravings I am having for junk food (cheezies, hot dogs, hamburgers….)

Eat out a MAXIMUM of twice if and only if, it is to join family visitors.- Yes achieved this! I ate out more than twice, but only once did I pay. Generous friends and relatives paid instead, and they didn't even know about meal planning month, and I insisted that they should not pay. Thanks to them!

December Goals

I keep wanting to write: don't spend too much as a goal, but that is not really concrete is it?

  1. Create a Xmas budget and STICK TO IT.
  2. Increase savings in next week by $100. I don't know how, but we need more $$ in our Xmas fund. Ideas: pay per post, and sell items on ebay or craigslist (gps unit, and snow tires). Anyone want to buy our old Garmin Etrex gps unit? We had to purchase a more high tech unit for work, so are going to sell this little guy. It is handy and perfect for geocaching.
  3. Create and post our plan to survive financially once the baby comes and I am on EI.
  4. Go see the accountant to make sure I can get EI if I become an employee rather than business owner (will post on this another day).

On another note I need to update the sidebars because I paid off another $1000 towards our family debt last week. We are down to $3030 left, with the goal to have this gone by June.


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