Meal Planners- How did you do?

Dear Meal Planners,

It is now December 1, and we have wrapped up a successful month of meal planning. Now we would all like to know- how did you do? From what I have read we all have some minor blips but overall everyone made a concerted effort to plan ahead and eat at home more than usual. There are two prizes to be given away to the participants:

  1. $25 gift certificate from Nancy,
  2. Stainless steel stovetop kettle (new in box) from me.

To be eligible for these prizes we are asking if you will leave a comment on Nancy's blog on Monday telling us about your success at Meal Planning Month. We will randomly draw from all those who comment for each of the prizes.

Nancy has also suggested that those who are interested could do something similar in January. I think this is a great idea, and we could form an online Savings Club where we set out challenges in specific months designed to increase our savings (or debt reduction payments). If anyone has any ideas please let us know! Also, this will be open to everyone, not just those who joined us for Meal Planning Month.

I am definitely going to try and keep meal planning and making sure we always have food in the house to make a meal, it saves so much money! Thanks to everyone who participated, it was fun.


  1. Strange Bird said...
    I did well most of the time, and got really sick of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. But the amount that I saved on going out to eat motivated me to start looking up more recipes online so that I can actually do this from now on, but have more fun with my diet!
    Kacie said...
    This went well for me. I didn't have a meal plan last week because I was out of town, but the other weeks everything went smoothly.

    It really is beneficial to have a meal plan and to stick with it!

    Thanks for hosting this, Wooly Woman!

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