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I have news to share that I have been trying hard to keep, but I decided today it is ok to make the announcement now. I am 8 weeks pregnant with our first child, due at the end of June.

It is amazing I have kept it in for so long because meal planning has been hell! Unfortunately I have had nausea for over 4 weeks on and off and my eating habits have become highly erratic. Basically I can only eat what I feel like at the very moment when I am hungry and that tends to be carbs.

But aside from trying to meal plan when I don't feel like thinking of food I am pretty happy. Thoughts of baby have been in my head for awhile but we had to become settled into our life, business, and home before we took the big plunge. Both sets of grandparents are ecstatic, especially mine since this is their first grandchild.

Apparently 2008 is a good year to have babies. Five of the six craft night buddies are pregnant (and 6th has to hear about babies babies babies!), first due to arrive in December, stretching all the way to June when I am due. My cousin and his wife announced recently that they are pregnant too and due a week after us. My Grandma was told of her 2 new great grand children on the way last Sunday just by coincidence- we told her first, and they called hours later. And then there are several blogging babies on their way as well. Canadian Dream's wife is due in May, Four Pillars has his fourth pillar coming sometime in '08, and Fecundity is also due in June I believe (she has a neat tracker which shows baby development I think I may add that to this site too).

So look forward to our post on how we are planning financially. Gulp! We have ambitious debt reduction goals by June so that we can live on half my income. In order to get EI we will have to restructure the business and I am going to be sitting down with an accountant in the next few weeks to make sure it all makes sense. And if it doesn't watch me panic, but I won't worry about that yet. There's never a perfect time to have a baby right? Mr W's sister has already promised ALL her baby stuff PLUS an awesome baby carriage which goes on hiking trails, which means we may be somewhat ahead of the game. I will have to reread posts on saving with baby from both Canadian Dream and Four Pillars too!


  1. Kacie said...
    EEEEE! How exciting! Congratulations!
    Ms. M&P said...
    That's GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm happy for you and your family ;)
    paidtwice said...
    Congratulations!!!!! That is great news!

    Oh how I love babies. :)
    FourPillars said...
    I am so happy for you & hubby!

    Congrats on the baby-2-b, it's a wonderful experience.

    We are due in the beginning of April. Too bad you are so far away otherwise we could establish a pipeline of baby clothes!

    Hope you feel better soon but unfortunately the morning sickness normally lasts 2-3 months so you might have a ways to go yet.


    Anonymous said...
    Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you both:)
    Canadian Dream said...
    More babies in the blogging world. YA! Why do I have the feeling I'll be re-reading Mike's posts on RESP's again?

    Good luck on getting the business setup to allow you to pay into EI, it is also a good idea to get that done ASAP. Since you need a minimum amount of hours to get anything.

    In the mean time, start saving like mad and look at creating an back up plan in case it doesn't work out.

    Enjoy your baby,
    gildedbutterfly said...
    How fantastic!!! Congratulations! :)
    centsprout said...
    congratulations! how exciting!
    mariam said...
    Yay! Congrats to you and Mr Wooly!
    Strange Bird said...
    krystalatwork said...
    Sorry I'm late with my congratulations ... but CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) I'm very excited and happy that you will soon have a baby Wooly to call your very own.
    Louise said...
    Congratulations thats wonderful news! hope all goes well :)
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    absolutely delighted to hear this. In the midst of all that is really hard in our world ... people still fall in love and have babies!
    Mr. Cheap said...
    Fecundity said...
    Congratulations, and welcome to the Nausea Club. Great, isn't it? I hear it gets better. Really looking forward to that part.

    I am indeed due in mid-June. That'll give me what? A week and a half of parenting wisdom on you? Guess we'll both be paying close attention to Mike on Four Pillars and Tim at Canadian Dream as they do go through round two.

    Best of luck and hope you feel better soon.


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