Meal Planning Monday

The last meal planning Monday! Good work to all of those who participated- I am amazed at everyone's efforts this month. I am going to post a summary of how I did next Sunday- can everyone else do the same sometime in the next week? We will also be drawing for our two prizes. I will give the tea kettle away next Monday!

On to this week's plan. It is just going to be 4 meals because I away on business for three days. I am staying with a friend and don't think we will be eating out, but I guess I can't plan the meals in advance, haha.

Monday (tonight)- we ate curry chicken and potatoes that Mr W made. It was pretty yummy and the first time he made it, so it was a nice first effort.

Meal 2- Beef tacos in hard taco shells, cheese veggies

Meal 3 – Snapper and salad

Meal 4 – Homemade pizza

Mr W cheated a bit today at lunch I do have to admit. I was starving and did not feel like another cheese sandwich, so we went to Subway. We had a two for one coupon so we only spent $6.23. Overall I am pretty sure we have spent only a quarter of our eating out budget this month, which I am pleased about.

On a finance related note I finally received two cheques today in the mail after much polite pestering to the company I subcontract for. The cheques were issued a month ago, both of them, but apparently they took a slow train from Vancouver. It normally should be only a few days post from Vancouver, and it was, they just didn't mail the cheques until last week. I am glad the trickle of money has started up again. We still need another cheque or two to get back on track, but I don't feel so stretched for money anymore.


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