Gifts for Moms To Be (times 3)

This weekend I have a women's gathering to go to that is being held for three women who are due with their second child in the next month or two. It sounds pretty laid back, and is not apparently a baby shower, but is for the moms instead. I guess they have all the baby stuff they need, cause believe me, I am going be having a baby shower to get as much help with baby stuff as possible!

As gifts I am making cookies and banana bread for each woman to put in their freezer as treats for after their baby is born. I got the idea from a friend of mine (one of the pregnant ladies we are having the gathering for) who was cooking up a storm the other weekend, and putting it in the freezer so she has ready made healthy meals. Great idea!

For the banana bread though I bought bulk organic chocolate chips tonight, and didn't watch how much they cost. Almost $10! I should have told the checkout person I didn't want them but I chickened out. Usually I can speak up but tonight for some reason I felt just dumb and paid for them. Mr W had noticed our bill was high and asked why so I confessed. In hindsight though since I am making all these as gifts having organic chocolate chips as a treat is ok I think. I wouldn't do it again, but in this case I am justifying it! And filing it under the gifts category in the budget NOT under groceries.


  1. Fecundity said...
    Nice idea, Wooly. I also have big plans to stock meals away before the baby arrives.

    It's a good plan if you go to visit a new baby and parents to bring a frozen meal with you, too. Exhausted parents seem to appreciate it more than yet another stuffed animal. One of my coworkers had twins last year and I brought him and his girlfriend four homemade frozen meat and veggie pies with baking directions. I received a big hug for my efforts before they had to go running off to tend to duplicate girlies again.

    And I'll so be having a shower too. Bring on the baby gifts. I have nothing.
    nancy (aka money coach) said...
    I know this is a pf blog, not recipes galore, but might you consider posting you b.bread recipe? I have about 10 that are past their prime, and (duh) have no idea how to make banana bread .. much less the kind with chocolate chips in them (yum!) :)
    FourPillars said...
    T best gifts we received after our son was born was prepared food!

    One friend gave us some sheppard's pie and someone else made spagetti sauce and gave us a box of spagetti as well.

    Pamela Jacob said...
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