Almost lost all our photos!

On the weekend Mr Wooly and I formatted the hard drive of his computer. I was in charge of backing up data onto the external hard drive, and I was sure I had copied everything over, including all our photos from the past 3 and a half years. We formatted the hard drive and reinstalled programs, and the computer seems to be running faster. But we didn't transfer over any of the old files right away.

Two days later, Monday morning, I decided to transfer all files back when I found out I had erased ALL the photos. Somehow I had completely forgotten to copy over the pictures folder onto the hard drive! I don't know how this happened! My heart just dropped and I was so distraught. We have had so many adventures in our time together and it appeared to be all gone, including our wedding pictures (although I know my parents have copies).

BUT all was not so terrible after all. I found a backup of photos from a year ago; this made me feel much better since. And then I found a program from called Pandora that recovers lost files, and this nifty program recovered ALL the photos from the reformatted hard drive. They are not named, they are not organized and there are thousands of them I now have to reorganize but they are all there. Oh my I was so happy, I don't even care how many hours it takes to get them back organized.

Lesson learned though. I only have my work files backed up, but pictures are so important, they should also be backed up all the time! I kept thinking what if they had been pictures of our baby's first days, months, or years? Yikes, time to get a better system in place. I am trying to use FolderShare to backup the photos between my computer and Mr W's but there seems to be some glitches with XP and Vista. I am going to try and work around this again tomorrow so the folders are constantly in sync.


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