The itch to shop

I know everyone goes through it but I have a serious case of wanting to shop!! For our house, for myself, for my office (hence the computer)! Argh.... it is frustrating.

On the weekend we were at a relative's wedding and she had a lovely house. Granted she had lived only 3 years ago in a trailer before moving to the island, buying a lot, building a gorgeous house and turning it into a bed and breakfast. But ehhaaahhgghhhh.... I loved her kitchen and now I have the urge to buy: bar stools for our bar, a new hutch for the glassware, not to mention new sheets and towels, and she had the prettiest Denby plate set. Silly I know!

And I also am wishing for some new fall clothes- new pants, new shoes, new sweaters. Probably time to hit the second hand shops and satisfy my clothes urge at a fraction of the price.

All this too when I am waiting for my invoices to be paid. Three are almost 2 months overdue, so I am considering adding a polite clause at the end of new invoices reminding my clients that invoices more than 2 months overdue may be charged 6% interest. A girl's gotta eat after all... oh and resist shopping so she can pay off her damn debts :))


  1. krystalatwork said...
    You're stronger than me, because I've already bought some new fall clothes ... at regular price!!! Not very frugal of me. I should hit some second hand shops too.

    Definitely add that clause to the bottom of your invoices. That's just bad business practice for them not to be paying you!
    Anonymous said...
    I would add that clause, 2 months is long enough.

    Be strong re the shopping!

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