A reader linked me up to a fantastic post, go over and read it here. Thanks Clifford.

I should have made a disclaimer on the previous post- obviously I was only giving you one side of the story- I have no idea where his $$ goes. Mr W is friends with her husband and is positive things are not as unequal as she thinks they are. I find it frustrating to be caught in the spot where I am her best friend, and cannot say things like "are you sure he isn't paying the bills equally?" on a regular basis (I do occasionally) without sacrificing my friendship :)

Nevertheless, the point is that she feels this way, and I am hoping that she can approach the subject without laying down unreasonable ultimatums.

I am learning that some things take a looooonnnnggg time to change in a relationship, requiring many many hours and days of commitment on both people's parts to learn to work together. Mr W are approaching our 2 year anniversary and have been working on some of these financial issues right from the start, and will continue to be as we go along.

I just love this line from the post I linked above:
"After that, a single policy was adopted in my house. Namely: if it bothers you, do something about it."

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  1. mariam said...
    I am glad that you and Mr Wooly were aware of this in the beginning to head this off. You're way ahead of your friend there. Being so new into the marriage but away so often must make trust and dialogue difficult. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the money being away. At what cost to the relationship? Hurting financially through a divorce would pale in comparison.

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