Monthly round up

I just updated the sidebars. This month:
1. We reduced our debt by 1% this month, paying off $846. I would have liked this to be more, but life happens. Next month our goal is to reduce our debt by 3% as we have been doing in previous months.
2. Part of the reason our debt did not decrease as much as hoped is that one of the credit card debts increased. Yikes! I believe it was all the travelling Mr Wooly did, and I immediately paid some of this off, but the current amount is still about $350 over what I had hoped. We need to watch this closely!
3. I was awarded several contracts, which gives me enough work through until Nov. I will soon be keeping my eyes open for contracts starting in Dec.
4. We had some unexpected expenses (this property taxes we thought were paid!!! plus insurance) which is approximately $1600.
5. Mr Wooly took one 2 week job, and now is back looking for full time work in forestry, or another short term welding job, whichever comes first.

And the great news is that Mr Wooly and I are taking our first ever real summer vacation this week. We have taken time off before, but this is the first time I believe I have truly booked time off in years during the summer. I will have to resist answering work email during this time, because it is all to easy to do when you work from home!

We have lots of plans with friends here this weekend, and later in the week we hope to go camping up island. And I plan on buying the new Harry Potter book with a gift certificate this weekend to devour while lounging around.

I probably will post here still, but if the posts are sporadic you'll know why (maybe because of a margarita or too while lying in the sun). Cheers!


  1. Louise said...
    that is good news about the contracts. Overall your debt is on the way down and as you say, life happens. You still made good progress this month. enjoy your vacation!
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Have a great break!
    krystalatwork said...
    Have fun on your vacation, you guys deserve it! :) We just got back from exploring around your area and on the West of the island. Hope this gorgeous weather holds up for you!

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