Round up after welding work

I am still learning Quicken, but yesterday I finally got all our personal accounts entered and balanced properly. I was able to quickly determine how much Mr Wooly has spent in the past 2 weeks while he was away working so I know how much he made vs spent on this job.

So far he has received three cheques totaling $3030. This includes what he is paid for travel to the job, 2 weeks of food/accommodation allowance, and one week's pay. One more cheque is in the mail for another week's pay, plus some overtime, which should be about $1,200.

He has spent just over $900 while away in gas, food, and gifts for our friends who are letting him stay (in lieu of rent). I expect it will cost him another $200-$300 to get home.

But subtracting his costs from his expenses still leaves us with just over $3,000 in the bank. I think I mentioned this is the minimum we each need to bring in every month to stick to our budget AND debt repayment plan. Not bad for two weeks work, and he may still have other welding jobs this month. And yes, he is still putting out forestry resumes too!

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  1. The Kissing Seahorse said...
    I love Quicken. It made tracking my finances a whole lot easier. It took some time to set up but once I was up and running tracking my finances was a breeze!

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