New Canadian PF Blogs

I have come across some great new Canadian bloggers this past little while. I find that PF blogs very generally can fit into two categories- those about paying off debt, and those about investing money. I hope to graduate one day from the first, into the second, as Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks has done. So the new Canadian bloggers fit into one of these categories, and it is so nice to have this mix to balance the reading content each week.

1. Dude Where's My Money is the blog from a 22 year old student who is trying to pay off her $21,000 student loan debt before she graduates from school. So far she has paid off 42.8% of that, great progress!

2. Triaging My Way To Financial Success is a DIY investing ER RN who writes about Building an Investment Portfolio, ups and downs in the current market, and general thoughts on how to be an intelligent and well-researched investor.

3. Money Relations is the newest blog I have come across and she also writes about investing and building personal knowledge in the investment world. She is candid about some of her mistakes, and writes about how she is making investment decisions.

I am looking forward to some more informative Canadian reading!


  1. mariam said...
    Thanks for the plug!

    Maybe now I can get my readership up to 3 :)
    four.pillars said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    four.pillars said...
    Thanks a lot for putting me on your blogroll!

    I just found your site so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

    Nurse B, 911 said...
    Hadn't even come across your blog until my statcounter showed the referring links. Thanks for the plug - I'm glad that the articles are appreciated. I'll have to reciprocate the blogroll!!!
    Angie said...
    Hehe, thanks for putting me on here. I feel special now.

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