4 Hour Work Week

Yep I am reading the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. It has been making the rounds of the PF bloggers, which is how I came across it. Mr Wooly picked it up from the library today and the librarian apparently commented on how she would like to work only 4 hours a week!

But here's the thing, I am having trouble getting into the mindset. It just seems wrong, lazy, impossible to even dream of! That and I just spent the better part of 15 years getting my education and it seems like I should therefore be OBLIGATED to be in the rat race.

So I am going to try and put aside all those feelings to keep reading the book, and tell you what I would do if there were no (perhaps perceived) barriers to doing anything I want within 1-2 years. Send me some of yours!

1. I wouldn't ever do dishes again. Or clean the house, since I am not really good at it. You can tell it is after dinner, so dishes are on my mind.
2. I would start my own research centre and find funding for researchers wishing to do research in a non-academic environment, yet still achieve credibility in their chosen field. I would focus on cutting edge research that sometimes get ignored by conventional funding agencies.
3. I would learn how to make wine.*
4. I would find an electric car manufacturer who would make me an electric station wagon that went more than 25 miles per hour. I would make sure this car had solar panels on top to recharge the battery.
5. I would spend more than 1-2 hours outside every day. My dogs would come with me. *
6. I would have a much much bigger garden and I would share my garden. *
7. I would learn to golf so that Mr Wooly and I could play together.*
8. I would want to find a nonprofit organization I really really believed in and volunteer my time.*
9. I would take Mr. Wooly to Scotland in October and Mexico in February.
10. I would visit my best bud in the central interior of BC twice a month, even if it was just to have coffee at good old Tim Hortons for an hour.

I have more, some are a little more personal, and I see how easy it is to get on a role. Not all of those things require pots of money though do they? Some are free, or require a little money each month. I put an asterisk besides those so I can reflect on meeting some of these goals but making more efficient use of my time (part of the Tim Ferriss way).

But out to the garden for me to enjoy the last bits of sun out there. Finally summer is here!


  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    I feel the same way sometimes, that I've gone to school, got the credentials, so I need to work and use them. I think this would be what economists consider a "sunk cost". We should do what makes us happy, not blindly keep going down a path that we invested in in the past.

    One perspective is that your education helped you get where you are today, even if that includes working less. Perhaps the education was about distilling what you valued and want out of life, as much or more then just increasing your earning power.

    I'll be looking forward to reading your thoughts after you finish the book (its a quick read)
    Louise said...
    I would still work, I would just work less. Ideally I would work 2 days a week for about 8 months of the year and then travel for the rest.
    I would also spend more time outside in the garden, meditating, painting and buswalking!

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