(Just a side note but I am writing this on a gorgeous sunny afternoon in a parking lot overlooking the ocean while my son sleeps in the back of our car – what bliss, it is like my own ocean front hang out!)

Two weeks ago I had a Bucket List Moment. Now I don't have a Bucket List so really what I am saying is I was doing something really cool I always wanted to do. And it turns out I am pretty pleased I got to do it at least once in this life.

I was standing beside my husband at a Canucks hockey game (Canucks vs Nashville Predators Game 5) waving a white towel and screaming my lungs out, and I had this realization that I had wanted to do this for a long time. I have wanted to be in the arena waving a white towel pretty much from the second I saw the crowd doing this on tv for the first time at a Canucks Game in 1982. Roger Neilson, then Coach of the Canucks, started the tradition by waving a white towel on a hockey stick in mock surrender, protesting over the calls the refs were making. So yes, the towel waving thing that everyone seems to do now (but not very well Nashville! Really? Orange towels, get with the program!), was started by the Canucks.

I absolutely loved the game even though the Canucks lost. They won the series in the next game, but it would have been nice for a win while we were there. The whole atmosphere and friendliness of the crowd was over the top, and not something I experience regularly. My husband, as a die hard Canucks fan, was in absolute heaven to be there, and I was thrilled to be with him. We sloshed our beers about, ate over-price food, lept to our feet at every goal and chanted Go Canucks Go as loud as we could.

Semi-final tickets were not cheap. I got them on Ebay for less than the official NHL resale site. But everyone asks, how much were the tickets? Guess what? Expensive. The overnight trip was expensive but I am not going to ruin the moment by telling you how much on this post.

Joy comes in unexpected places I tell ya, and when it is something that is a treat, something I will remember for the rest of my life, something unexpectedly momentus for myself and my relationship with my sweetheart, it is priceless.



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