Married again!

A year ago or so (it was the day before Mother's Day May 2007) I lost my wedding ring. I think I posted about this awhile ago. I knew it was in the house somewhere because the day it disappeared I had not gone anywhere and had been cleaning the house in preparation for a friend's visit (who is a very clean person). The next morning I went to put on my ring, since I always take it off at night, and it wasn't where it should be in the bathroom. I looked everywhere for it, including emptying the vacuum bags, garbage, checking under the beds and furniture, but it didn't show up. Until today! Turns out we had been sleeping on it for 13 months. It was wedged in between the feather mattress topper and the main mattress, and despite the fact that I had turned that feather mattress every few months it didn't make its appearance until today. Wow! I am so thrilled. It needed cleaning but is good as new. I guess it slipped off when I made the bed, seeing as it was one size too big for me all along. It isn't now, since I am swollen enough for it to be snug right now, so I will wait to get it sized properly until after the baby is born. I didn't know how we would replace it since it has so much sentimental value- Mr W and I picked it out when living in Arizona and it has a First Nations artist who carved it out of thick silver, with a beautiful piece of Arizona turquoise inlaid. Guess I should keep it on my finger eh?

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  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    Congrats on finding it! I remember your post when you lost it and thought it sounded like a real bummer if it didn't show up (I *hate* losing things, and losing something as sentimental as that would REALLY suck).

    Now that your married again you can tell your husband I'll stop e-mail you the love poems ;-P.

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