Baby Budget - the Numbers

I am still playing with these numbers - and I am pretty sure we will be spending less than this for the first few months as baby takes over our lives. Nevertheless, having padding in the budget means that if there are unexpected baby expenses, we will be prepared.

Regular Expenses

  • mortgage $1,660
  • loans $1,269
  • insurance (car, little truck and house) $214
  • cable + internet $105
  • medical $96
  • hydro $80
  • cell $75
  • phone bill $65
  • savings $50
  • union $28
SUBTOTAL: $3,641

Irregular Expenses
  • gifts $50*
  • taxes/water $14

Variable Expenses
  • groceries $500
  • car gas $160
  • shawn fun $70*
  • kirstin fun $70*
  • dining out (take out) $65*
  • pet food $65
  • entertainment $60*
  • housecare $50
  • clothes $30
SUBTOTAL: $1,070
TOTAL: $4,775

I have put an * beside each area where I expect we will underspend. For example, highly unlikely we will be going to any restaurants in the first few months, so dining out probably will consist of take out food, and will not reach the $65 budget level. As for our personal spending, again this will probably drop. Mine is mostly spent on the garden right now, or a latte or two, and the garden is nearly finished up. Mr W's might not change much- he spends his on sports (like golf) and may get out to the driving range from time to time.

Oh yes, and before we go to the new thriftier budget and before the baby arrives, Mr W and I are taking off for one night of luxury at a local resort tomorrow. Can't wait, because I am booking myself into the spa for my first ever massage (a pregnancy massage). Oh please soothe my aching body, if only for an hour!

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