I have been wondering for days why I have a balance on one of my credit cards. I know you'd think I'd know, but it carried over from last month and I let it slide, and well... my brain is full these days with work and baby thoughts I guess.

Anyway I realized that 3 of the items are medical expenses I am still waiting for reimbursement for! In December & January Mr W and I both had eye exams and bought new glasses. We are waiting to be reimbursed from our extended health insurance provider for $840, $720 of which is sitting on my Mastercard.

I went through the great debate over whether to get contacts or not, and one day decided that NOT deciding meant I wasn't quite ready to give up glasses and so found I really nice pair of glasses I love, and bought them. I also splurged to get clip on sunglasses made because that was my biggest problem with having glasses - I wanted sunglasses and hadn't had any for 5 years. Mr W went for the Transitions lenses and loves them so far.

The other item sitting on the MC are two courses Mr W took last week, work related, so the company needs to reimburse me for those. Sheesh I wish their bookkeeper was faster with her reimbursement claims! Oh yeah, I AM the bookkeeper ;)

I better get on that, and should bug the health insurance people next week about the other medical expenses!

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  1. Canadian Saver said...
    Oh those Transition glasses look neat!

    I've worn contacts for 19 years... I love them but when I get new glasses (my old pair has an old prescription) I'll wear them at night when I'm in to kind of give my eyes a break...

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