Baby update

I thought I would update you all on the growth of our little Wooly Baby (WB).

At 6 months along my belly housing little WB has officially expanded beyond my boobs, so I am constantly banging into things with my belly by accident. My mind has obviously not adjusted to the new space my body takes up.

The little guy moves constantly and it is quite a treat. He wakes up and I swear does vigorous exercises regularly. Last night I was lying in bed and could feel what I think to be his head bobbing about. It is such a strange feeling to think there is a wee being inside of me!

We have a name picked out and the family and friends approve (it didn't matter, but is nice to have it). Mom bought the little guy his first Easter bunny on the weekend, carrying on the tradition my grandmother, who was diabetic, had with us as kids. So sweet, she was so pleased. Dad likes to talk to the baby but I have to remind him he doesn't need to yell, the baby can actually hear him speaking regularly just fine.

Sister in law #1 has packed all her baby stuff in boxes for us to pick up - all washed and arranged by ages. We have enough clothes and toys to last him for years, not to mention carriers, stroller etc. Sister in law # 2 is sending a crib down on a bus. I bought a few diapers (just because) and now will keep an eye out for more at the consignment store.

Mr W and I started childbirth classes last week with a lovely RN who is teaching us on Hypnobirthing. I have been reading my book faithfully and even used some of the relaxation techniques to get through a series of blood tests this morning. I hate hate hate needles, but by relaxing and thinking positively I actually got through the tests with no problem. Even when the nurse couldn't find a vein and was poking around in my arm I was quite calm.

I know you can't ever be truly prepared for the adventure of parenthood but I am feeling pretty calm these days and looking forward to meeting WB in 3 months.

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  1. Mrs. Micah said...
    That's so exciting!!! Thanks for the update. :)

    Now I'm going to share two things I hear a lot from first-time moms at work:

    1) OMG I still look pregnant. Apparently nobody told them (or me) that the tummy doesn't go away just because it's empty. Nope. But it theoretically deflates significantly within the first week...just not the first 3 or 4 days.

    2) I'm not sure if the baby's getting any food! Hopefully there will be lactation consultants around. If not talk to the nurse if you're worried. Nothing wrong with you, it's completely normal to be worried or even for there to be a few issues starting up.

    I figure it probably helps knowing beforehand than feeling strange and having people you don't quite believe telling you it's normal.

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