And the first donor is...

Esme from the Canadian blog Brown-eyed Girl and Money (she was the anonymous donor I mentioned yesterday). Esme had been saving for a GPS, but now that her purchase is made, she took the extra $50 this month and donated it to SOS Children's Villages. Thanks Esme! Esme is off to Egypt in a few weeks... wow that would be exciting...

I am happy to report we had a second donation yesterday (it all brings a tear to my eye because I am pleased AND hormonal and pregnant) for $50. Thank-you!

On another note...
My guest post is up over at Nancy Zimmerman's so go on over there for a read. I really enjoy Nancy's blog, she lives a hop skip and jump over the ocean from me in Vancouver, and is a Money Coach in her real life job. Her posts are always informative, and I enjoy the range of topics she blogs on including her personal values and life experiences as they are related to money.

Update: I have changed the Giving Pages so that only I see the donor name and amount. If you want a tax receipt and use your own name but prefer to be anonymous I respect this. I will no longer publish names of people who donate, unless you email me or leave a comment on this blog saying it is ok to do so. Thanks to all!

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  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    Made it through my week! and, honest-to-goodness, batman, it was EASY to walk past sbux. I'm shocked! I'll donate my $25 tomorrow.

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