Happy New Year to all, and a big thank you to all my readers who made their way to this blog in 2007. I have enjoyed meeting many of you through this blog and appreciate all feedback and comments received.

I wanted to do a quick financial review as we head into the new year:

  1. In 2007 we paid off about $15,000 in debt!
  2. Mr W lowered the interest rate on his credit card by over 15%.
  3. We switched banks to a credit union who provide better service and lower fees for both our personal and business banking.
  4. We tried to consolidate our loans but were unsuccessful, making me realize that it is more important to have a realistic plan than to rely on a quick fix.
  5. I started this blog which has encouraged me to take better control of finances, and to learn about how much further I can go in the future.


As for 2008 we are looking at planning our next adventure, financial and otherwise, with a new baby in our household in June!


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    $15 k paid off! Wow! Would you be interested in guest-posting on my blog about how you did it? That's impressive.
    Mrs. Micah said...
    That's excellent. $15k as well as a number of decisions that'll keep you from paying more. I'm sure baby Wooly will be proud!
    Wooly Woman said...
    Sure Nancy, I would be interested in guest posting- our technique is mostly a little elbow grease combined with hard work and penny pinching :) hahaha

    Thanks Mrs Micah!
    Canadian Saver said...
    Great job paying down your debt!!
    MG said...
    That is wonderful that you were able to dedicate yourself to paying down $15K of debt. Quite an accomplishment!

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