Meal Planning Prizes

Congrats to Kacie who was the winner of Nancy's $25 gift certificate for keeping to her plan to meal plan and eat out less for the month of November! Great job to all who participated.

I am going to use the same list as Nancy, but add Nancy's name to the list. I won't use the same barista to pick a name though. Haha, ok I won't use a barista at all, but a scientific number generator, cause that is my way :))

The winner of a brand new, stainless steel stovetop kettle is:

Tanya - send me an email and I will get your kettle shipped off ASAP!

Keep in mind we are looking for money saving suggestions for January for a virtual money saving club. All suggestions welcome.


  1. Tanya said...
    Woohoo! Thanks!
    Sorry I didn't catch it before now. I'm excited!
    Tanya said...
    Actually, um, I can't find your email address. Mine's terremotia (at) gmail (dot) com.
    :) Thanks again.
    Tanya said...
    I just got it. Thank you so much!

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