Making candles

Last night a friend and I finished Night 3 of our candle making efforts. We both love doing crafts and thought we could try and make people candles as gifts for Christmas. Hers she wanted to make as main presents for people. Some of mine are as main gifts for people too, but also as smaller gifts to give when we are out and about this Christmas.

It was fun, but more difficult, and a bit more costly than we anticipated. I estimate we each spent close to $50 for candle supplies- wax, dyes, wicks, and containers for the candles. We both also have high standards, and neither one of us are satisfied with what we made. Her partner though was teasing us though and said we had to get over it and realize that they did look homemade, but that is not a bad thing.

In the end I am giving these as three main gifts (budgeted amount was $50) and as smaller gifts (budgeted amount $20), total $70. I saved myself $20 by using a little elbow grease, and producing something homemade, which people appreciate.

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  1. SavingDiva said...
    Plus, your candles are probably a lot better...a lot of candles have lead in the wicks...etc...

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