Christmas Budget

Mr W's Family:

Brother, sister #1, sister # 2 and spouses - $15 each (we go light on adults, spend a bit more on kids) - $45

4 nieces and nephews - $30 each - $120

Parents - $80

My Family:

Brother - $30

Parents - $80

Grandma - $25 (she has too much of everything so this may be less)


Closest 2 friends: $70 (they bought us an incredible gift and I feel like we owe them a lot, this is thanks)

Friend and son: $40

Misc other friends, small gifts: $40

Total spending: $530

I am trying not to hyperventilate, not WONDER I haven't done this before. OK. So I have spent $90 of this already, so I need $440 more. I have $240 in my savings account, and so I need $200 more. My goal was to find an extra $100 from selling things (need to get Mr W to sell his old truck snow tires), and I think I can scrape together $100 from the budget. And I think I am going to try and trim some of that spending, a dollar here or there and this may save us money. For example, aim for $25 for each niece and nephew, this alone could save $20.

I don't want to be a cheapskate… or a Scrooge… but at this time of year I sure feel like I am (you can't hear me grumbling right now)…


  1. byrumnews said...
    Hi....I love the goal/amount/percentage thing on your debt on the side of your blog..can you tell me how you did that? I am looking to do something similar on my blog. Thanks!
    Wooly Woman said...
    Hi byrumnews, I added a link over on the sidebar under the progress bars which will take you to the site where I got the code. Easy to use once you copy the code. Good luck!
    byrumnews said...
    Wow! Thanks so much.....I really appreciate it.

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