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Dimples wanted to know what was in the cache we were seeking- she was wondering if it was money. That would be great! I started wondering how one could do this..... but I digress.

No, the idea behind geocaching is that the fun is in the search, not in the actual cache itself. Caches are made up of cheap trinket items, and things called GeoCoins (don't yet know what those are). Also, each cache includes a log book that you write in to say you had been there and a bit about your adventure along the way.

The cache we found though had a lottery ticket- if we had brought something along to exchange for the ticket we could have taken it. You are only allowed to taken an item if you replace it with something else.

There are also travelling caches where a person picks up an item hidden somewhere (say, for example, here on Vancouver Island) and hides it elsewhere (in another city, province, or even country). The new hiding spot is logged with new coordinates and someone else will try and find it, and then take it to re-hide.

Caches can sometimes get found by "GeoMuggles" - ordinary people who have no idea why the cache is there and find it by accident. Sometimes items are stolen, so the person who hid the cache has to go rehide it.

Mr W and I are off tomorrow for 7-10 days to do field work in the interior of the province. This is a contract we had last year but the snow came early in Oct. and we were not able to finish it, so are going back to finish up and hopefully then get paid!

I think I will have internet access every few days if I go to a coffee shop, and I have some posts saved so I should be in touch. Look for posts on How Pennies Can Add Up, and one I am working up on the subject of Arbitrage- a topic I had no knowledge about until recently.

On that note I don't think Blogger has the same option for scheduling posts that WordPress does, but wouldn't that be a nice option?


  1. nancy (aka money coach) said...
    that is delightful! I've heard of this, but previously didn't get it at all. Many happy hours of hunting, finding and hiding to you!
    Ugly Debty said...
    That sounds like wicked fun! I'm gonna check it out.
    Angie said...

    I just read through your past comments... I'm not quite as far east as you may think I am! My thesis was optional but I decided to do it. As for the field, I do study about the environment. For example, I have the option on taking a course about forest fires! I also know exactly what you're talking about with the GPS, field work, etc, etc.

    As for why I plan to give my parents money when they retire... I was planning on posting that sometime when I'm not so tired.

    Have fun doing field work!
    JW said...
    Geocacheing sounds like a lot of fun. I'm really interested.

    Dimples said...
    Does sound like fun. Would be even more fun with money as prizes. tee hee.

    Have fun on your trip!
    SavingDiva said...
    Hm...I've hard of it before, but I didn't know the exact details...sounds like it could be fun.

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