Positive Friday Post

In light of this week's frustrations with money I am going to focus on the positive before the weekend:
1. Mr Wooly and I are in the process of moving our accounts from CIBC to the local credit union. Savings will be about $240/yr in bank fees (personal and business accounts combined).
2. Mr Wooly has been working at a local job- welding. It is nice to have him home. Not sure how long the job will last so we take one week at a time.
3. Our social life is busy right in to late Sept. This weekend we are helping my cousin and her husband move, and helping with the local Movie in the Park on Sat. night.
4. My garden is booming. My tomato plants are almost 6 feet tall and the beans are the best I have ever had. Our apple tree is a Gravenstein (sp?) and has gorgeous healthy apples which should be ready in a few weeks. The flowers are blooming now too- my favourite time of year.
5. I had someone from the Ministry of Environment personally send me a job posting inviting me to apply for a 6 month term position. I am flattered, but also very busy consulting, so am not sure I am going to apply yet. Will call and talk to them next week.
6. We are both healthy, have a nice home and are making progress paying off our debt!!

Have a great weekend! WW


  1. Anonymous said...
    I like No 6. That's exactly what I need to concentrate on.

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Louise said...
    It is amazing how much better credit unions are, we changed over years ago and it has saved us a lot in fees. I have also found them to be more willing to meet with us and talk over things than banks. It sounds like there is a lot happening at the moment, the offers of work are a nice to get!
    Ann said...
    Everything sounds absolutely wonderful.

    Enjoy your 'matos and beans. I don't have much room for a garden and the few tomato plants I have - all heirloom - are suffering from lack of proper sunlight.

    Maybe next year :)
    krystalatwork said...
    What credit union did you go to?

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