Aggressive debt repayment

Mr Wooly and I were talking tonight, we have been tossing around ideas for paying off our debt sooner than the next 3 years.

At the moment one option would be for us, or even just Mr Wooly, to head to Alberta or 5-6 months. With the amount of work for welding in the province he could potentially make enough in his living allowance to cover our monthly expenses, thus throwing his weekly wage of $1200 + to our debt.

If he could get a job in Edmonton I could go with him, and we could rent out our house. We know two responsible people who could rent our place for a short time. I think we could get about $1200 rent. This would not cover our $1600/month mortgage completely but it would be worth knowing the place was safe while we were away.

If he goes further north however he will be living in camp and I can't go. Hopefully he could find a job that would fly him out home every 3 weeks or so. I don't like this option much, I think so much absence would be hard.

Six months would means we would be $30,000 less in debt. That would give us more breathing room yes?

It is just a thought -- I really love our house and the town and friends and family :)


  1. krystalatwork said...
    If he goes to Grande Prairie, could you go there? The city is a decent size (although it's boring as heck), and it sure beats Fort Mac.

    Or if he has to move north, you could go to Edmonton, and on his days off he could drive down to see you. It's like a 6 hr. drive but might be an option?

    The work out there is so brutal though, especially since winter is coming up. Just because of that, maybe it's worth it just to stay on the island and put up with our mild winter. :)
    Christie said...
    Those are really tough decisions! I hope that you find one that works well...
    mariam said...
    Wow, that is such a huge decision. It reminds me of those immigration stories I hear from the previous generation and how they'd send the husband off while the wife stayed in the "old country" for years. Whatever you decide, at least your option is of a shorter duration!
    The Kissing Seahorse said...
    I'm from Edmonton! And I dated someone who worked in the camps. It was tough...I'm not going to lie. But you get used to it. And everytime he comes back it is wonderful.

    I also had way more time to work on fixing up the house while he was gone. I got a ton of stuff done.

    Plus, there are a ton of jobs in Edmonton. Yeah, you can make more money up North but you might find the smaller trade-off of Edmonton worth the money.

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