I just updated our Emergency Fund in the sidebar. I got a statement from ING and found out I had $41 more in that account than I thought, so it is now up to $541. Then I realized I had not been including the amount in our "savings" mutual fund, which is at $359. When I add that in, we are only $100 away from our goal!

The mutual fund is at CIBC and is a Money Income fund (I believe that is correct). Our banker (the good one who left 2 years ago) recommended we use this for savings which we may want to earn interest on, but don't want to put away long-term. Every month we put $50 into this fund automatically. It seems to work fine, and earn more interest than ING. The only drawback is that we have to go in to the bank to withdraw the money and it takes a few days before it is deposited back in to the chequing. Although, this can also be a bonus because it is harder to touch.

Mr Wooly's job is still in limbo. Yesterday was a really bad day for him. He worked 14 hours in 35+ degree C heat in a plant where insulation and other debris were in the air. Safety does not seem to be a priority for this company at all, and the foreman is an alcoholic. It may mean Mr Wooly is home sooner than expected, we will see.

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  1. The Kissing Seahorse said...
    Here's a question for you - I've read over and over and over again that a ER fund should be about 3 - 6 monthes living expenses. That means I would need to budget about $4000 for 3 monthes (that is a healthy ER fund for 3 monthes). How come you made the decision to go with only a $1000?

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