Off to work he goes

Said goodbye to Mr Wooly this morning. He is off to work up north and it will be a 2 hour ferry ride and a full 10 hours of driving for him today. I miss him already :(

I think I have mentioned that Mr Wooly is a welder by trade. He has been doing this for 18 years, and is getting quite tired of it. Still he continues to work in short stints when there is work, while he tries to get into the field of forestry (in a decent paying job). What he will make in the next 10 days or so should be enough to carry us through until the end of August, given our budget. He gets his travel reimbursed (~$900) plus a daily allowance for food and accommodation ($100/day). Since he is staying with good friends of ours, he will be pocketing most of the accommodation allowance as well as some of the travel, meaning this could be an extra $1000+ on top of his wage.

In the mean time, Mr Wooly has 3 resumes out to forestry companies, and a few more to send out in the next few weeks. Also, we may have work through our business which will keep him occupied.

Unfortunately this all means our financial situation is very unstable. By creating a budget we have been able to be very conscientious of our spending so we don't rack up more debt. For example, this month, when Mr Wooly's income was lower than June, we reduced our debt snowball payment on his credit card by $600 to ensure we stay within budget. I had paid more in June than we had budgeted for, however, so I am not worried we will fall behind (at least trying not to worry too much, yet). Next month we should be able to make the whole $953 payment again though.

I also have picked up 5-6 days more work on contract than I had planned. This will also provide a cushion, even though it means some weekend work for the next little while. Fortunately it is just document formatting which I can do easily.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  1. krystalatwork said...
    Welding is a tough line of work, and I know how much it wears down the body! My uncle is also a welder, and he frequently has to leave town for months at a time whenever work becomes available elsewhere.

    Hopefully Mr. Wooly can break into forestry soon!

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