I am at an international conference today and for the rest of the week. The registration fee was $500 which was paid by my business, but I am still smarting a little from the loss of the money. However, it is all part of my commitment to market myself more than I have been, especially while I have no active contracts. After one day though I think it has already paid for itself! One of my mentors from the US is up, and introduced me to someone we both admire professionally. It turns out this person is now living near to me and after talking for a bit, he invited me to see more of his work. My mentor was just so nice and sung my praises to this new contact, who is interested in talking further. It may not result in an immediate contract, but I am absolutely thrilled to have met him, and for the possibility of future collaboration.

Also, in terms of work, in the past 2 days I suddenly have many potential opportunities, so I will keep working hard to generate the momentum to: write up proposals for new research funding, accept some of the shorter term contract work which has been offered, and try to continue expanding contacts, and those who know my name.

The funny part is that I had new brochures and business cards printed and I haven't even handed one of those out yet. I have a few more days of the conference and will keep them handy...

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  1. Mr. Cheap said...
    My cheapness often comes into play with business dealings, and I think its to my detriment (since the business I tried to start failed).

    I think in business you have to focus on getting the best return for the money you spend rather then minimizing the money you spend (which is a good approach for personal luxuries).

    The $500 conference sounds like it was an excellent business investment. Money well spent!

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