A little about our debt

I thought I should clarify- when we talk about debt, we talk about our consumer debt, and include student loans in this category. The "bad" debt. This also includes our car loan, although I realize that this is sometimes excluded from the bad debt category.

We do not include our mortgage in our discussions about debt. Once our consumer debt is paid off, in all likelihood we will begin to accelerate our mortgage payments, but right now we are focusing on those higher interest debts which have been affecting our credit and our ability to do some of the things we want to do in life. Also, our mortgage payment is low enough to feel like rent, and we were renters for many years. It is less painful every month to pay something like a mortgage which is an investment rather than our loans which feels like throwing hard earned money away.

We have had these loans for so long and been without cash for anything for so long that neither one of us can really remember what we bought that got us here in the first place!


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